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Renault 16 Club Tilburg -introduction

Piet van Eggelen:
One day winter 1992 I bought a R 16 TX. Ten years before I went on holiday with two friends in a white R16 TL. It was a great journey with that sublime car driving 140km/h on the Autobahn(jawohl). Later on the car appeared as rotten as possible. But never mind, I felt like a king driving my goldbrown supplied with tinted glass and leather interior R 16 TX. After some years I bought a 16 TS (1969) in Germany and had it thoroughly restored. For over two years I drive my Saviem blue TS equipped with a TX engine and fivespeed gearbox.
Looks, comfort and driving capabilities are still the strong points of this Car of the Year 1965!

Geert Ehrismann:
My R16 love emerged when I worked as a building construtor during my school holidays. Fouir weeks in a row Idrove with a collegue with 170km/h to work. Some three years later I sat in my Peugeot 404 waiting for a railroadcrossing as a freight train loaded with nothing but R16 TX’s  passes me by. From that moment on I had to have a R16!
In 1986 I bought a “perfect” R 16. But only the engine appeared to be perfect, after a thorough inspection. But it was true love and so I started the restoration of this vehicle thar has given me –afterwards- so much pleasure and so much sorrow. Someday, I pledged myself, I will drive the ultimate R16. And now, within a few months,  that moment will be there: I will be the proud owner of a R16 TS from 1968 which has been totally restored. Soon it will enlighten the Dutch roads

Jan Walrecht:
In 1979 I bought my first car. A R 16 TS from 1971. The car suited me right from the start. Even though I am 7 feet tall I still have a quite comfortable stay in the R16. It was love at first sight and up to this very moment I am still driving this wonderful car. I enjoy its timeless beauty, the very comfortable roadholding and driving capacities en its elegant interior. I am very proud to announce that this year (2000) my 25 years old TX has driven me from Eindhoven (The Netherlands) to Malaga (Spain) and back. A journey over 6,000 km during which this vehicle ran smooth as ever.